Great Baskets & Trays For Under $26
Organic Soaps
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No Longer Available - Med Basket in Lime
Medium Basket in Lavender
Medium Basket in Vanilla Almond $22.50
Medium Basket in Just Soap
Medium Jute Tray in Lavender
Medium Basket in Lemon Verbena $22.50
No Longer Available - Med Jute Tray in Lime
Medium Jute Tray in Lilac $23.00
Medium Jute Tray in Vanilla Almond $23.00
Cream Tin W/Lavender, Vanilla Almond, Shea Butter, Lemon Verbena & Honey/Lavender Bar Soaps
Spa 3 Basket in Lavender
Spa 3 Basket in Vanilla Almond $26.00
Spa 3 Basket in Shea Butter (Lavender Liquid) $26.00
Medium Basket – $22.00
The perfect gift!  Includes
liquid soap, 2 bar soaps,
loofah, soap dish.
Medium Basket in Pomegranate
Spa 3 Basket - Includes Bar soap, liquid soap,
lotion and loofah in a white wash wicker basket.
Medium Jute Tray - Includes Bar soap, liquid
Square Basket - Shea Butter $25.00
Square Basket - Lemon Verbena $25.00
Square Basket - Lavender $25.00
Square Basket - Vanilla Almond $25.00
large soy wax candle & wash cloth.
contains one bar soap one diffuser set.  
Diffuser Basket in Lavender $25.00
Diffuser Basket in Lemon Verbena $25.00
Diffuser Basket in Lemongrass
Diffuser Basket in Pomegranate $25.00
Diffuser Basket in Lilac $25.00
Diffuser Basket in Shea Butter $25.00